Our body’s core system and health depends on its structural, chemical, mental and emotional balance. What happens outside the body affects what happens inside! KORE therapy is based on the body’s neurological system – it integrates both eastern and western assessment and treatment techniques utilising muscular strength and individual body systems to identify the root cause of the condition.

KORE Therapy is suitable for people of any age. It works by mobilizing, releasing and removing restrictions throughout the body to promote better alignment and balance. When the body is free from imbalances and restrictions, blood and lymph circulation improves, transporting everything the body needs to work smoothly and affect individual systems including hormonal balance, internal organ balance, brain function, muscular strength, neurology and emotional balance. This could resolve many health related conditions. In simple terms, KORE restores the body’s core balance and the rest works out it self as our body has very complex, yet intelligent structures and systems.

This therapy has been used all over the world by individuals, European Golf Tours, police, government councils, royalty, health resorts, English Golf Union, Fiat, international and premiership football teams, and many more companies and sporting organisations