It Does Not Matter about Age or Lifestyle

You Should Not be Living and Accepting Pain

Paul Rayner MFHT

I am a Specialist in the treatment and support of all types of back issues. Recovery and rehabilitation is just a phone call away. I blend both modern Western techniques of recovery with that of traditional Oriental knowledge to find the root cause of your problem

Paul's core mission is to offer clients his years of experience and expertise in the disciplines of mind and body health

Trained in

 Anatomy and Physiology Level 3 Diploma
K.O.R.E Cupping Therapy
Transcendental Meditation
K.O.R.E Musculoskeletal
Usui Reiki Levels 1,2,3 
K.O.R.E Anmo fu
Muscle Tapping
Tai Chi  

By integrating ancient knowledge with modern research we can activate fast responses in the body

Traditional medicine understands the spark of life that drives us all 
(Why we do what we do), modern medicine is focused on how it works.
By utilising both, we can and do increase muscle power significantly

Whilst training I have been shown many different techniques for releasing joints, muscles and organs

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K.O.R.E was developed through clinical experience and asking questions

What works?

 What doesn't?

 What is missing?

for example in professional football it was noticed that the approach of many Physiotherapists was incomplete, 
players were only being asked one question 

Are you fit or injured? 

They were then divided up appropriately.

We at K.O.R.E ask are you performing well?

Many will argue that performance is all in the mind

But we can show that its also in the muscles

We ask

How can we test for performance?

How can we challenge performance?

Is there a better faster way to balance the system and fire the muscles and brain together?