Paul Rayner MFHT/K.O.R.E Consultant

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 Paul's core mission is to offer clients his years of experience and expertise in the disciplines of mind and body health

By applying a unique method of integrating traditional body treatments and modern performance techniques of recovery

The root cause of your pain can be identified

Through the use of unique muscle tests I can access where the problem is coming from, so unlike most other therapies, instead of looking at 'WHAT' the problem is I look at 'WHY' the problem is there.

For example

Knee pain could caused by a pelvic imbalance 

Lower back pain caused by neck restriction 

Hamstring problems stemming from the cranial bones

Skin issues coming from the digestive system

Anxiety caused by spinal restriction 

Without discovery and treatment of the root causes, symptoms are only ever going to be masked and will keep returning.

Some of the techniques regularly used by myself, but not limited to are

Muscle Testing
 Tui'Na Massage 
 Qi Gong
 Cranial Balancing
 Deep Organ Massage
 Physical Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

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