It Does Not Matter about Age or Lifestyle

You Should Not be Living with and Accepting Pain

Paul Rayner MFHT

Paul's core mission is to offer clients his years of experience and expertise in the disciplines of mind and body health

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Specialist in the treatment and support of all types of back issues. Recovery and rehabilitation is just a phone call away. 

I blend both Modern Western Techniques of recovery with that of T.C.M 
(Traditional Chinese Medicine) to find the root cause of your problem
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Whilst training I have been shown many different techniques for releasing joints, muscles and organs

By integrating ancient knowledge with modern research we can activate fast responses in the body
Illness does not arrive suddenly, though it may seem to do so. It is usually the result of a build-up of stress–physical, mental or emotional—leading to imbalances in the body/mind system, which ultimately leads to physical symptoms. Our body has an innate ability to heal itself and does this quite naturally on a daily basis. Sometimes this is not possible and our system needs a bit of help, either medical or complementary, or often, a combination of both. By balancing all aspects of the person, puts the body in an optimum state for self-healing.

The healing effects can continue for days, weeks and even months following a session, the effects are cumulative. It is possible to see a benefit from the first session. Each client responds as well as their body and energy system is able. Generally the rate of improvement depends on how long you have had the concern, how deeply rooted it is, your ability/willingness to make and sustain suggested life-style changes, and how good your energy levels are.